The Back Packer: Installment 1

It was a cold torrential downpour that afternoon in June when Abigail stepped out of J.F.K Airport. She spent a few seconds in the door deciding if she should go back in and get an umbrella from the duty-free shop. She was also taking in the assault on all her senses, a noise level that made her head ring. Smells both good and extremely bad in the hundreds maybe thousands all in one breath. So many people and vehicles moving so fast her eyes had trouble fixing on any one thing. She caught sight of a bench just off to her left and turned out of the door to sit and give herself time to adjust. Just then a man and woman passed her discussing the umbrella situation.
The woman turned to the gentleman. “It’s down pouring! I can’t show up at my meeting completely soaked. I have a white shirt on for God sake!”
“Dear those airport shops cost a small fortune. New York is the wholesale capital of the world. Let get a cab to take us to a place we can get it cheaper.”
“Charles how do you expect me t…